Changes Coming to Utah’s
Road Usage Charge Program

We are currently in the process of transitioning to a new vendor to manage the program. For more information about the new program and what to expect, please see the FAQs below.

Current program (as of May 1st) and New Program Sign-Ups

Account Management Transition Questions

What is changing?

Utah employs a commercial account manager to operate the RUC program. UDOT is transitioning from one account manager to another. The current account manager (emovis) will no longer be supporting the RUC program as of June 6, and a new account manager (ETAN) is beginning operations in May.

Why is the switch occurring?

To provide the best value to the Utah taxpayer, UDOT periodically recompetes service contracts, and a new vendor (ETAN) won the latest contract.

Do I have to switch to the new CAM?

Yes. The current account manager (emovis) will no longer be supporting the RUC program as of June 6, so all program participants will need to switch to the new account manager (ETAN).

When is the switch occurring?

For new vehicles signing up for the RUC program, enrollment begins April 1. Existing program participants will remain with the current account manager (emovis) through April 30, and will transition during the month of May.

What do I have to do to switch?

If you’re in the program, you will receive an email explaining exactly how to switch. You will simply follow a link in the email, create a new username and password, and provide your payment information. Your vehicle’s information and prepaid wallet value will pre-populate in your account with the new account manager (ETAN). For each vehicle, you will choose a Mileage Reporting Option.

Will the money I currently have in my prepaid wallet be moved to my prepaid wallet with the new account manager (ETAN)?


What Mileage Reporting Options are available, and what are the requirements for each mileage reporting option?

The new account manager (ETAN) will provide two mileage reporting options:

  • Telematics, using data provided directly by the vehicle. Nearly all new vehicles, and some vehicle models dating back to Model Year 2012, are equipped with automaker telematics systems, which can provide odometer reading data to be used for RUC calculation. In the outgoing program, only Tesla models 3 and Y were eligible to use telematics. In the new program, most electric vehicles equipped with telematics reporting capability will be eligible to enroll with that method.
  • Odometer Photo, in which users take a picture of the vehicle odometer every 3 months using a mobile device (phone or tablet).
What do I have to do for each of the mileage reporting options?

For telematics, you simply ensure your vehicle telematics coverage is active, and provide your telematics login credentials to the new account manager (ETAN) as
part of your account setup with them. Many automakers require payment for an active subscription to their telematics services, while others do not. You may
simply choose the odometer photo reporting method described below if your vehicle’s telematics services are not active.

For odometer photo, you receive requests for an odometer photo every 3 months and you then submit a picture of your odometer via mobile phone or tablet.

I am already using telematics to report mileage. Do I need to do anything to enable telematics with the new account manager (ETAN)?

Yes, you will need to reauthorize use of your telematics system for RUC purposes with the new account manager. Your previous authorization was for the previous
account manager only. For security purposes, you must authorize the new account manager to collect mileage information from your telematics system on your

Is the rate structure changing?

No. All miles driven will still be charged at a flat rate of 1.06 cents per mile. The total amount charged for a given vehicle for a given registration year will still be capped at the alternative fuel vehicle fee charged for the given vehicle type for the given year.

What if I don’t want to continue in the Road Usage Charge program with the new account manager (ETAN)?

You must contact customer support to initiate account closure with the current account manager (emovis) prior to May 1, 2024.

What if I don’t leave the program prior to May 1, 2024 when the new account manager (ETAN) begins operations?

Your account will be migrated to ETAN on May 1, 2024. After that point you will need to request ETAN to close your account if you wish to leave the program. If you haven’t activated your account with ETAN before your vehicle registration renewal, you will be unable to renew your vehicle registration until doing so or closing your account with ETAN.

How do I return my device?

The current CAM (emovis) will send you instructions about how to return your device. You will simply mail it back.